MP3: Download David Gilmour’s 9/25 Royal Albert Hall Concert

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Pink Floyd is never ever getting back together, ya know?

By Uncle Blurt

Like most of you, I mourn the loss of Pink Floyd, having seen them back in the day and also after Roger Waters split. But, to paraphrase a certain pop tart, they are never ever getting back together. Now, there may be a certain segment of the Floydian populace that swooned over Roger Waters’ recent touring of The Wall and performing sundry PF tunes in concert. But for your old Uncle’s money, guitarist David Gilmour—who ably carried the torch for years after Waters left the fold—is the true heart of soul of the band. More evidence of that arrived via last week’s celebrated performance at the Royal Albert Hall, comprised partly of material from new solo LP Rattle That Lock but absolutely highlighted by the vintage Floyd tunes in his 2 ½ hour set.


MP3: David Gilmour – Royal Albert Hall, London 9/25/15


Scoot over to the above link and you’ll find a very good audience recording of the London show hosted by the archivists at Big O zine. Downloadable artwork is available, natch. And those highlights I mentioned are many, in particular “Wish You Were Here,” “Money” (it’s got a rippingly fine guitar solo), “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and, improbably enough, early gem “Fat Old Sun.” The tracklisting is below.


Disc 1

      Track 101
. 5AM 3:48 (6.4MB)
      Track 102
. Rattle That Lock 5:29 (9.2MB)
      Track 103
. Faces Of Stone 7:01 (11.8MB)
      Track 104
. Wish You Were Here 5:23 (9.0MB)
      Track 105
. A Boat Lies Waiting 4:29 (7.5MB)
      Track 106
. The Blue 6:38 (11.2MB)
      Track 107
. Money 7:19 (12.3MB)
      Track 108
. Us And Them 8:04 (13.5MB)
      Track 109
. In Any Tongue 8:04 (13.5MB)
      Track 110
. High Hopes 10:07 (17.0MB)
      Track 111
. Astronomy Domine 6:10 (10.4MB)
73 mins

Disc 2

      Track 201
. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 10:16 (17.3MB)
      Track 202
. Fat Old Sun 6:37 (11.1MB)
      Track 203
. On An Island 7:05 (11.9MB)
      Track 204
. Band Introductions 2:10 (3.6MB)
      Track 205
. The Girl In The Yellow Dress 6:10 (10.4MB)
      Track 206
. Today 7:03 (11.8MB)
      Track 207
. Sorrow 11:00 (18.5MB)
      Track 208
. Run Like Hell 7:26 (12.5MB)
      Track 209
. Encore 3:16 (5.5MB)
      Track 210
. Time 5:20 (9.0MB)
      Track 211
. Breathe (Reprise) 1:12 (2.0MB)
      Track 212
. Comfortably Numb 9:27 (15.9MB)
77 mins


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