MP3: Download A Classic Tom Waits Show from ’74


It’s Tom Waits. Any questions? How about a weather forecast?

By Uncle Blurt

In 1974 Tom Waits had released The Heart of Saturday Night to mucho critical acclaim and the bard was gradually getting out to the hinterlands beyond Los Angeles, touring- and radio-wise. Yer ol’ Uncle B actually got to see him around this time during a short stint in the Peace Corps (don’t ask), and while I did not attend the show here in question, I was privy to an amazing gig a month or so afterwards.

MP3: Tom Waits – San Diego Folk Festival, San Diego, CA; April 19, 1974

You can nab the entire gig along with some choice bonus tracks (as envisioned by bootleg label Godfather) not long ago via the Big O pipeline. The full tracklisting is below. Looks like foggy weather ahead, fans…

      Track 01
. Better Off Without A Wife 2:32 (4.3MB)
      Track 02
. The Heart Of Saturday Night 6:20 (10.6MB)
      Track 03
. On A Foggy Night 3:42 (6.2MB)
      Track 04
. Shiver Me Timbers 3:47 (6.4MB)
      Track 05
. Fumblin With The Blues 3:04 (5.2MB)
      Track 06
. Semi Suite 3:50 (6.4MB)
      Track 07
. San Diego Serenade 3:07 (5.2MB)
      Track 08
. Glad That Youre Gone 3:55 (6.6MB)
      Track 09
. Ice Cream Man 2:32 (4.3MB)
      Track 10
. Depot Depot 3:25 (5.8MB)
      Track 11
. The Ghosts Of Saturday Night 4:07 (6.9MB)

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