MP3: Download Arcade Fire’s 7/17/17 Milano Concert


By Uncle Blurt

Arcade Fire is apparently on the verge of taking a widespread drubbing for their new album Everything Now – it’s released this week, July 28, and already some high-profile early reviews have made it clear that the bloom is finally off the rose for the critical darlings, with extremely lukewarm commentary arriving from Stereogum (here as well as here – the latter for the whole “dress code” silliness) and quite pointed commentary from Brooklyn Vegan (here and, tellingly, here – again, on the dress code flap that had the band lashing out). Pitchfork had already semi-dismissed the title track and first single, doing likewise a few weeks later for second single “Signs of Life” – no small feat, considering it wasn’t all that long ago that Pitchfork served as a de facto fan club for the band. Even Salon, usually a safe harbor of puff pieces, critically speaking, is taking the cynical route by accusing Arcade Fire of being, er, cynical on the record.

So what can a poor boy do, except to… download some live bootlegs in advance of the album release, in hopes of whetting the appetite and as a result being able to ignore the critics. Thanks, then, to Big O zine, for posting the band’s show from Italy last week that was broadcast over the radio and subsequently surfaced at Dime A Dozen.

MP3: Arcade Fire – Milano Summer Festiva. LIppodromo SNAI di San Siro, Milano, Italy; July 17, 2017

You can nab the entire show in MP3 format along with a pre-show interview with Will Butler, plus downloadable artwork. A handful of songs from the new album are spotlighted, along with the expected fan faves. The full tracklisting is below.

      Track 101
. intro 2:00
      Track 102
. Everything Now * 5:11
      Track 103
. Rebellion Lies 5:45
      Track 104
. Here Comes the Night Time 7:14
      Track 105
. Chemistry * 4:31
      Track 106
. Electric Blue * 4:15
      Track 107
. Signs of Life * 4:55
      Track 108
. No Cars Go 6:00
      Track 109
. The Suburbs 7:10
      Track 110
. Ready to Start 4:40
      Track 111
. Tunnels 5:01

      Track 201
. Sprawl II 6:18
      Track 202
. Reflektor 7:08
      Track 203
. Afterlife 5:43
      Track 204
. Creature Comfort * 5:26
      Track 205
. Power Out 7:03
      Track 206
. encorebreak 1:43
      Track 207
. Wake Up 7:08
      Track 208
. Neon Bible 5:15
      Track 209
. radioutro 2:00
      Track 210
. Interview with Will Butler 12:28

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