MP3: Download ANOTHER New Replacements Show

mats 1

This one from Forest Hillls Sept. 19.

By Uncle Blurt

Pretty much everyone we know is on a Replacements high of late, what with the short-but-sharp appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, the riotous and high-profile show a few weeks ago on home turf in Minnesota, and of course the Rolling Stone-powered rumor of a new studio album being sketched out by Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson. We’ve been listening nonstop to that Sept. 13 St. Paul show, in fact, having downloaded the MP3 of it off the interwebs and discovered much to my pleasure that it is insanely good quality.

Now another great-sounding ‘mats show has surfaced for free download over at, natch, Big O Zine, billing the Sept. 19 Forest Hills Stadium (Queens, NY) concert as “a solid, raucous performance.” As if you’d expect anything else from the band. They’ve kindly provided downloadable artwork as well, along with some nice quotes from Rolling Stone about the show itself.

Grab the swag HERE.

mats 2

Writes Charles Aaron, “[There were] Replacements-like moments in the show by a band billed as ‘the Replacements,’ which featuring Paul Westerberg and bassist Tommy Stinson, plus two competent sidemen (guitarist Dave Minehan and drummer Josh Freese), performing Replacements songs Queens’ Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, 20-plus years after the band broke up… During ‘Left of the Dial,’ the ’80s-era summing-up-of-our-way-of-life-as-Replacements-fans anthem that has the specificity and off-the-cuffness that only the unconsciously blessed artists can produce, Westerberg couldn’t begin to puff himself up to the challenge and sang the same verse twice and generally looked overwhelmed and just happy to be upright onstage. It was exactly the 50-something version of how he used to smirk his way through radio-gold ’70s throwaways like ‘Hitchin’ a Ride.’ And oh yeah, the band’s cover of the Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’ has improved, though it’s still a drunk-punk shitshow.”

Go HERE if you want to read what a certain member of the BLURT braintrust had to say about experiencing the Replacements firsthand not long after the release of Let It Be.

Disc 1

      Track 101
. Intro/West Side Story 2:31
      Track 102
. Favorite Thing 2:26
      Track 103
. Takin’ A Ride 2:33
      Track 104
. I’m In Trouble 2:33
      Track 105
. Don’t Ask Why 2:07
      Track 106
. I’ll Be You 3:45
      Track 107
. Valentine 3:55
      Track 108
. Waitress In The Sky 2:18
      Track 109
. Tommy Talks 0:52
      Track 110
. Tommy Got His Tonsils Out/3rd Stone From The Sun 2:28
      Track 111
. Take Me Down To The Hospital 4:01
      Track 112
. I Want You Back 1:24
      Track 113
. Color Me Impressed 2:27
      Track 114
. Tommy talks some more 1:20
      Track 115
. Nowhere Is My Home 3:29
      Track 116
. If Only You Were Lonely 3:13
      Track 117
. Achin’ To Be 3:30
      Track 118
. Kiss Me On The Bus 3:31
Disc 2
      Track 201
. Androgynous 3:19
      Track 202
. I Will Dare 3:55
      Track 203
. Love You Till Friday/Maybelene 4:48
      Track 204
. Merry Go Round 3:44
      Track 205
. All Shook Down 1:47
      Track 206
. Tommy yet again 0:30
      Track 207
. Swingin’ Party 3:42
      Track 208
. Love You In The Fall 3:04
      Track 209
. Can’t Hardly Wait 3:08
      Track 210
. Bastards of Young 3:54
      Track 211
. Jet Song White and Lazy 2:33
      Track 212
. Left of The Dial 3:30
      Track 213
. Alex Chilton 4:21
      Track 214
. Unsatisfied 4:28


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