MP3: Download Amazing Quality Television Concert fr. Italy ’14


TV 1

“One of the best live Television recordings I’ve heard.” –anon.

By Uncle Blurt

Back in the day, your ol’ Uncle was a huge fan of Television, having ordered the “Little Johnny Jewel” single out of the back of some punk fanzine and then eagerly devoured the first two, seminal TV albums. Only got to see the band once live, however, and it was during the latter-day incarnation. That’s me, below, in the faux-helmet, and if you look closely it reads “Uncle Johnny Jewel.” But I digress…

Crowd cheering at a rock concert

This current gimme: it’s a top-quality recording of the group last month at the Alcatraz venue in Milan, Italy, posted for free download by the tastemakers at Big O Zine. Click on this link for the MP3s and also for downloadable artwork:

 MP3: Television Milan, Italy 6-3-14

All the classic tunes are there including “LJJ,” “Friction,” “Venus,” “See No Evil” and “Marquee Moon.” The lineup: Tom Verlaine – vocals and guitar; Fred Smith – bass, vocals; Billy Ficca – drums; Jimmy Rip – guitar, vocals. (Rip replaced an ailing Richard Lloyd in 2007 and subsequently joined the band permanently when Lloyd opted not to resume working.)

      Track 101
. Tuning 2:55
      Track 102
. See No Evil 4:26
      Track 103
. Prove It 5:55
      Track 104
. Elevation 5:07
      Track 105
. Little Johnny Jewel – Part A 4:42
      Track 106
. Little Johnny Jewel – Part B 7:18
      Track 107
. Venus 4:43
      Track 108
. Torn Curtain 10:39

      Track 201
. Friction 5:12
      Track 202
. Persia – Part A 10:35
      Track 203
. Persia – Part B 7:29
      Track 204
. Guiding Light 6:33
      Track 205
. Marqee Moon – Part A 12:02
      Track 206
. Marqee Moon – Part B 4:43
      Track 207
. 1880 Or So 8:30

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