MP3: Download a Vintage Tim Buckley Show from ‘75


Recorded just months before his untimely death.

By Uncle Blurt

Dare I sing the praises of the late, great Tim Buckley, possessor of what must surely be the most unique American singing voice—save his late son Jeff—to date? ‘Deed I do dare! His January ’75 Los Angeles concert has long been a prized item among tape traders as it is a superb soundboard recording with very little hiss and virtually no crowd noise. Leave it to the archivist at Big O zine to make it newly available as a free MP3 download (it had previously been an oft-downloaded favorite over at Guitars 101, not to mention the Blue Obsession CD bootleg back in the ‘90s). This edition has benefited from some cleaning up, if not actual remastering. Full tracklisting is below.

MP3: Tim Buckley – The Starwood, Los Angeles Jan. 1975

The MP3s also include as bonus tracks a BBC interview from earlier. In the “Dream Father” feature posted at Grounds For Appeal they discuss the show:

In January 1975, Tim hit the Starwood Club in Hollywood and delivered a storming performance, captured on the bootleg, “Blue Obsession.” He flies out the gate with a amped-up version of “Buzzin’ Fly”, much more sedate in its vinyl persona on the “Happy Sad” album. Then Tim crashes into “Greetings From L.A.” material, kicking off with a riotous “Nighthawkin” and also showcased his band with extended funky workouts of “Get On Top” and “Devil Eyes”. Something tells me Tim Buckley, at only 28, still had a lot to offer the world of music.

At the time Buckley had been on a bit of a decline, touring behind the somewhat lackluster Look at the Fool. For the Starwood show he was in rare form, however, and it is a terrific performance on all fronts. We’ll never know if he could have cleaned up from his drug addiction and pull off an artistic rebound, however, because by the following June he’d be dead from an overdose of heroin.

Tim Buckley – vocals, guitar
Joe Falsia – guitar
Buddy Helm – drums
Jeff Eyrich – bass
John Herren – keyboards

      Track 01
. intro/Buzzin’ Fly 7:23 (12.4MB)
      Track 02
. Get On Top/Devil Eyes 15:18 (25.7MB)
      Track 03
. end of set 2:11 (3.7MB)
      Track 04
. intro/Night Hawkin’ 9:31 (16.0MB)
      Track 05
. end vamp 0:32 (906k)
      Track 06
. Dolphins 6:19 (10.6MB)
      Track 07
. Sally Go Round The Roses 7:33 (12.7MB)
      Track 08
. intros 3:44 (6.3MB)


      Track 09
. BBC interview – A 3:04 (5.1MB)
      Track 10
. BBC interview – B 3:05 (5.2MB)
      Track 11
. BBC interview – C 0:43 (1.2MB)
      Track 12
. BBC interview – D 1:51 (3.1MB)
      Track 13
. BBC interview – E 1:11 (2.0MB)


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