MP3: Download a terrific Let’s Active Show from ‘89


Every dog has his day, especially on the internet…

By Fred Mills

Over at the pop-centric (and frequently Tarheel-centric) music blog The dB’s Repercussion (motto: “every cult band needs a cult”) they’ve just posted a rather excellent Let’s Active concert from 1989. Recorded at L.A.’s Club Lingerie 3/24/89 it features the latterday band lineup of founder Mitch Easter plus keyboardist/guitarist Angie Carlson, drummer Eric Marshall and Jon “Pete Townshend Is My Guru” Heames on bass. Sanctioned by the good Mr. Easter himself, the tape’s sound quality is ace, and you can grab the MP3s for download at the site. The tracklisting:

01 stage entrance, tuning
02 Orpheus In Hades Lounge
03 Night Train
04 Fell
05 Sweepstakes Winner
06 Horizon
07 In Little Ways
08 Too Bad
09 I Feel Funny
10 Mr. Fool
11 Badger
12 Every Word Means No
13 Last Chance Town
14 Every Dog Has His Day
15 Ten Layers Down

The blog, incidentally, has been on a tear of late with great shows offered up as downloads, among them the Plimsouls, The Connells, Sleater-Kinney, Rhiannon Giddens from the Carolina Chocolate Drops and TV Eyes (which was a post-Jellyfish summit between Jason Faulkner and Roger Manning). You can typically find a new show on most Fridays. And one of the recently-established features is what they are calling “ASH Tuesday” in which they resurrect vintage bootlegs and tape-trader gems originally posted at the now-defunct ASH (Anything Should Happen) blog. Great stuff all around – salute!

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