MP3: Download a Marathon Neil Young Show from Last Week

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Material from new Monsanto Years album along with a slew of old faves marked the 3 ½ hour show…

By Uncle Blurt

Neil Young is currently out on tour with Lukas Nelson’s band Promise of the Real in support of The Monsanto Years, which dropped June 29. Reviews of that album have been mixed, with a number of critics complaining that Neil is in full anti-corporate rant mode at the expense of tunefulness and rocking out. That’s not the case with the shows he’s been doing, however, with most of them clocking in at nearly 3 ½ hours and featuring plenty of songs being stretched out to more than 10 minutes (“Down By The River” is a tidy 17:16). And within this context, the new stuff works pretty nicely.

MP3: Neil Young – Lincoln, Nebraska 7/11/15

Click on the link above and it’ll take you to the Neil fans over at the Big O Zine website, who have kindly posted a show from last week recorded at Lincoln’s Pinnacle Bank Arena. The entire concert is available for free download, along with suitable-for-printing-out artwork. Of the performance, noted:

About 90 minutes into his concert at Pinnacle Bank Arena Saturday night, Neil Young strapped on “Old Black” and started to whistle, kicking off the jaunty “A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop.” With Promise Of The Real chugging slim behind him like Crazy Horse, Young blasted Monsanto and Starbucks – and got a cheer from the crowd of more than 6,000 when he sang of the “fields of Nebraska,” while stating farmers won’t be able to grow what they want to grow. “We don’t want to offend anybody,” Young said in the only statement he made beyond “thank you” during the show. “But we won’t be happy till they’re not happy”…

Amen. Below is the full setlist.

Disc 1

      Track 101
. After The Gold Rush 5:06 (8.6MB)
      Track 102
. Heart Of Gold 4:13 (7.1MB)
      Track 103
. Long May You Run 4:30 (7.6MB)
      Track 104
. Old Man 3:54 (6.6MB)
      Track 105
. Mother Earth 6:09 (10.3MB)
      Track 106
. Hold Back The Tears 6:27 (10.8MB)
      Track 107
. Out On The Weekend 5:04 (8.5MB)
      Track 108
. Unknown Legend 4:46 (8.0MB)
      Track 109
. Peace Of Mind 4:30 (7.6MB)
      Track 110
. From Hank To Hendrix 5:29 (9.2MB)
      Track 111
. Field Of Opportunity 4:00 (6.7MB)
      Track 112
. Wolf Moon 5:11 (8.7MB)
      Track 113
. Harvest Moon 5:28 (9.2MB)
65 mins

Disc 2

      Track 201
. Words 10:36 (17.8MB)
      Track 202
. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong 3:35 (6.0MB)
      Track 203
. Bad Fog Of Loneliness 2:10 (3.6MB)
      Track 204
. Walk On 4:59 (8.4MB)
      Track 205
. A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop 5:18 (8.9MB)
      Track 206
. People Want To Hear About Love 8:12 (13.8MB)
      Track 207
. A New Day For Love 7:50 (13.2MB)
      Track 208
. Down By The River 17:16 (29.0MB)
      Track 209
. Workin’ Man 4:50 (8.1MB)
65 mins

Disc 3

      Track 301
. Big Box 9:23 (15.8MB)
      Track 302
. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 4:52 (8.2MB)
      Track 303
. Monsanto Years If I Don’t Know 8:32 (14.3MB)
      Track 304
. If I Don’t Know Monsanto Years 4:57 (8.3MB)
      Track 305
. Love And Only Love 16:02 (26.9MB)
      Track 306
. Hippie Dream 5:16 (8.9MB)
      Track 307
. Cinnamon Girl 5:30 (9.2MB)
55 mins


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