Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle Talks to NPR about New Novel

John D

Making a fire versus building a house…

By Fred Mills

Always a good day when we have some Mountain Goats news to report, and this weekend we were lucky enough to get to hear mainman John Darnielle on the NPR Weekend broadcast – not specifically about his music and the band, but about his new novel, Wolf In White Van. NPR commentator Lynn Neary describes the baook as about a “social outsider whose sheltered, solitary life is disrupted when a disaster strikes.”

Not unlike many of Darnielle’s characters in his Goats songs, eh? In the conversation, Darnielle compares the songwriting and novel writing processes, saying, “It’s sort of like comparing making a fire and building a house,” he says. “A song is fire. You react to it primally, instantly. You don’t have to decide whether you like it, and you don’t really have to sit down and think about it much after you’re done listening to it. It really does run through you like wind. Whereas a book is a journey.”

Darnielle, of course, previously authored a book about Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality album for the 33 1/3 series.

Listen to the entire segment HERE at NPR.

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