Mountain Goats Invite YOU to be Their Highway Fiends

M Goats

A week of April dates, then another three in June…

 By Blurt Staff

 It’s pretty simple, really: The Mountain Goats will descend upon the west coast in their duo formation of John Darnielle and Peter Hughes, which they have dubbed “The Mountain Goats Twin Inhuman Highway Fiends Tour 2014.” Prior to that will be a series of Darnielle/Goats solo dates this month, while much later, in July, the full band will be one of the stars at the Merge 25 Festival.

 According to Darnielle, “Last year Peter and I did a couple of duo tours: the U.S. one took us as far west as Chicago, and the European one went all the way out to Barcelona. We don’t really get a chance to do the duo thing much any more. It is a blast, and it gets us into all-ages rooms, and we get around to a bunch of  songs that’ve been lurking in shadowy corners for ages waiting for the bright fuel of the footlights. I would like, therefore, to alert the west coast, my old stomping grounds, that we are stomping your way duo-style for the first time since 2007, and that all the shows are all-ages, and that if the all-ages duo tour from last summer is any indicator, it is going to be a huge party.”

 Party on, Garth! Let’s rock:


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