Mid-’60s Video Euphoria: Explorers Club “California’s Callin’ Ya”


Subject header says it all! New album arrives this week…


Everything about Explorers Club’s video for “California’s Callin’ Ya” is vintage — from the girl sporting a Jackie-O headscarf, to the immaculately restored red Chrysler convertible, to the swoony Beach Boys harmonies. Their third album, Together, out this week (June 24) on Goldstar Recordings, is lushly retro, lavished with four-part Pet Sound-esque harmonies that bandleader Jason Brewer first learned from his church choir director parents. Immaculately recorded, but with a loose, sunshine-y, summer vibe, Together was made to blast from open car windows on the way to the beach, the lake, the barefoot cookout.

“With this album we wanted to make a record that really showcased our vocal ability and our playing ability over all,” said Brewer. “The band lineup has changed over the years and I knew this lineup could really do something special with the new songs I put together. We really worked hard as a band at creating some of the best vocal moments that we have recorded to date.”

Stream the record HERE. You will not be disappointed. Incidentally, that Beach Boys reference above isn’t exactly random. Check out the album sleeve artwork:


And catch Explorers Club on tour this summer. Full details at their Facebook page, natch.

Jun 29   The Grey Eagle                                                          Asheville, NC

Jun 30   Sellersville Theater 1894                                   Sellersville, PA

Jul 01     Monty Hall                                                                 Jersey City, NJ

Jul 02     Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2                         New York, NY

Jul 03     Pro Re Nata Brewery                                             Crozet, VA

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