Meow!!! Guided By Voices’ Pollard & Fennell in Bitch-slapping Contest


“I quit, motherfucker!” “No, you’re fired, asshole!”

By Perez Mills

It’s getting ugly: that would be the out-of-the-blue conflict between Guided By Voices’ mainman Robert Pollard and now-erstwhile drummer Kevin Fennell. The latter had gone on eBay and listed his drum kit that he performed on while in the band, for a whopping $55k; wishful thinking by any stretch of the imagination, not the least of which is because while GBV fanboys will scoop up any and all Pollard-related releases (living with your parents means you have extra cash that you don’t have to spend on rent, yo), none of them will see that kind of dough in their lifetimes unless a rich grandparent dies.

Then Pollard got testy, apparently (as Rolling Stone reports), regarding Fennell, who he had re-hired to drum for his “classic GBV lineup” starting in 2010 but was now saying that Fennell was outta da band. Then Fennell got testy as well, talking about how he had turned down job opportunities in order to be on call for Pollard despite only playing  “two shows this year, with no mention of anything in the future” and that he had decided to quit as a result.

Then Pollard got even more testy, posting a message that included such choice lines as, “most people would like to know who the fuck you think you are and who you think Guided by Voices is that you can warrant that kind of asking price for your fucking drums” and “you were already fired. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

Ahh… getting bored here already. Anybody heard of a good hip-hop beef lately? Hey, is Biggie still dead?

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