Meh-cho Chamber2.0: Fatone, Sr. on that *NSYNC Reunion


No echoes here. Just a load of “meh.”

 “They’re doing a performance… I think it’s exciting! [But] I don’t even know what has gone into this performance.  I couldn’t even say why he’s doing it through. Why, at this point in his life. Now he’s his own man. It’s more to the fact that MTV has made then all somewhat of stars, and also made Justin a star.”

 —Joseph Fatone, Sr., father of Joey Fatone from *NSYNC, confirming to Radar Online that his son’s boy band will be reuniting tonight in Brooklyn at the MTV Video Music Awards. The group’s Justin Timberlake, of course, is receiving the Video Vanguard Award, and as rumors started leaking out about a possible *NSYNC performance to accompany Timberlake’s appearance, all the tabloid ‘n’ tweenie media—including erstwhile boy band haters Pitchfork Media (so much for that indie rock credibility you once cultivated so meticulously, kids!)—kicked into overdrive, hyperventilating like Dennis Hopper huffing gas in Blue Velvet. Meanwhile, *NSYNC just turned up on Twitter a few hours ahead of the VMAs. Jeezus. This is market-driven revisionism at its most pathetic. Meh.

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