Meet Cleveland Proto-punks The It*Men

It Men

Reissue of the year? Fug yeah!

 By Fred “Proto” Mills

 Okay, Clevo fans—this note’s for youse. Currently burning up the BLURT jukebox is the new 2LP Greatest Its by so-obscure-they-gonna-be-legendary The It*Men (yes, the asterisk is deliberate). Just issued by the Gotta Groove label, it’s a late ‘60s/early ‘70s-style kick-out-da-jamz fest like you’ll not hear again this year, boasting plenty of Motor City damage along with a healthy smattering of Cleveland art-punk ‘tude. It’s the best damn platter yours truly has heard all month, period.

 Here’s the official product description:


The It*Men are a throwback to the glory days of rock, when egomaniacal excess was celebrated and often encouraged. Primarily started as a joke side-project for a tight-knit group of friends and musicians from Cleveland, Ohio, the band provided the soundtrack to many a beer-soaked night before imploding shortly after the release of their debut CD Greatest Its in 2004. In early 2013, The It*Men heeded the call and returned to the studio for the first time in almost a decade. An online campaign was launched to sell the vinyl reissue of Greatest Its, now boasting an extra side of new material. Contributors could also purchase tickets to a benefit concert featuring The It*Men performing with the help of guest vocalists from various Cleveland bands. The resulting show was successful both as a fundraiser and as a form of group catharsis for those in attendance.

 Watch for the BLURT review soon, and meanwhile, hop over to the group’s Bandcamp page for more details as well as to hear tracks from the LP.

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