Meet the Blurt Magazine Staff (#1)


Standard office attire, natch…

By Uncle Blurt

As we finish up BLURT’s new print edition (that would be the 14th issue of the magazine, if you’re counting), we figured it would be apropos to introduce you to all the folks who make us happen — humming along happily, so to speak.

Stella, above, is the newest addition to the office staff. She’s an intern at the moment (one of four), but is currently finishing up a degree in macro-economics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and hopes to be our gal-to-go (er, make that, our go-to gal) when Arcade Fire hits the road on their upcoming North American tour. She’s 20, loves Hemingway novels and Cimino films, and posts her erudite musings at Twitter via the handle @OhYouHeelsILoveU.

Stay tuned: many more BLURT-ers to come.

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