Meatmen’s Tesco Vee Talks Crime


Somebody hot wired the dude’s heart.

By Uncle Blurt

Who else out there remembers late, great San Fran band Crime, one of those ground-zero late ‘70s punk outfits that time may have forgotten but those of us who were weaned on rags like Slash and NY Rocker and other zines of the day have certainly not forgotten. Spanish archival label Munster (which recently released that amazing Destroy All Monsters box discussed at BLURT) has just dropped the Crime Box consisting of seven 7” 45s and an accompanying CD with all the tracks – that would be the band’s three original singles plus four more containing material recorded during the same 1977-79 time period – and a smart 20-page book.

Meanwhile, over at Forced Exposure, no less a Crime buff as Tesco Vee (Meatmen, Hate Police, etc.) has penned an impassioned appreciation of the band. Titled “Murder By Guitar,” it reads, in part:

“These guys out junkie rock the Dolls for Satan’s sake.. and out imaged every other band on the planet, and out postered everyone in the indie rock world, and even played a godamn prison. They famously didn’t consider themselves punks.. they called themselves “America’s First and Only Rock N Roll Band” but were borne of a time when they had no choice.. they were punk.

“I was struck by the imagery… 4 pouting quaffed boy toys in pancake makeup sneering out from the 2ND 7”.. oh I was struck all right.. The jangly, discordant, and outa tune riff of “Hot Wire My Heart” sealed the deal I was in love LUV. Crime were the poster boys for less is more, and that song is a wondrous train wreck coming apart at the couplers.. as it careens along On dish #2 ‘Murder By Guitar’ sports a grind that still ensnares you into their web of deathly delights.. once again out of tune.. and satisfyingly so.. properly tuned guitars are overrated.. nothing reeks more of we don’t give a fuck than an outa tune axe. Those first 2 platters are seminal.. and as close to perfect records as any 2 in my collection.”

Boy howdy to that, Tesco. Check the Forced Exposure link for his entire essay and more deets on the rekkirds…


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