Mastodon: Gibson Guitars are “wankers”; Epiphone, “thanks!”


Guarantee: no hip-hop artists were harmed in the making of this news item. Meanwhile, neither Drake nor Chris Brown has issued an official comment. Watch the official video, below.

By Blurt Staff

It’s one of those classic rock beefs: no one gets nailed in a drive-by, and nobody gets called a bitch. Instead, we have Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds jumping out of his tinted SUV to label Gibson Guitars a bunch of wankers, while giving props to his homies at Epiphone.

Stereogum reports: Hinds “had been working on a deal with Gibson that didn’t go through as he points out in the [below]  photo’s caption: “Gibson you will not be getting thanked by me as you guys are a bunch of wankers.” The Epiphone guitar is black and white and features Hinds’ signature skull logo on the neck.

And so it goes….


Hinds wrote on Instagram: “Got my Proto type B.Hinds signature series Epiphone guitar in the mail today.maybe one day I’ll be good enough on the guitar that they’ll make the one I actually play made by Gibson custom shop and it’s a silver burst custom Flying V .it only took them (epiphone)4 years to get this one wrong but at least they got it done. And the mistake was they painted it wrong instead of silver burst it’s black on black which I’m in love with now so it’s a great mistake ..dealing with “Gibson” trying to get this signature series thing to happen with there custom shop proved Impossible given the nature of how difficult and flaky the people at Gibson custom shop are.thanks Epiphone for finally coming thru ..Gibson you will not be getting thanked by me as you guys are a bunch of wankers .”

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