Massive 20-CD Led Zeppelin Bootleg Box Surfaces

Led Zep boot box

Shhhhh…. don’t tell Pagey (or his lawyers)…

By Uncle Blurt

With all the hoo-hah about those Led Zeppelin reissues last week (albums numbers 1-3 have been overhauled and remastered by Jimmy Page, resulting in expanded deluxe editions and even a super deluxe box containing the vinyl and CD versions plus other goodies) and Page’s accompanying press blitz – including this appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – I thought it would be interesting to check out this recent, er, underground artifact.

Titled Thunder Down Under, it’s pure Zep collector catnip: a massive 20-disc + 1DVD deluxe collector’s box set containing every known audio and video track from Led Zeppelin’s only Australian and New Zealand tour in February of 1972. Your ol’ Uncle was just a wee blurter in ’72 when he attended his first LZ concert around that same time, so that era o’ Zeppage is pretty dear to my heart. The full tracklisting is below.

According to the label, Empress Valley:

“Each of five shows presented in this box is released in two versions: the primary mix is based (depending on number of sources) either on unedited or basic tape source(s) and alterate mix is based on edited or additional tape source(s). For the very first time, completely unreleased alternate sources (partially presented on previous titles on other labels at best) for Melbourne, Auckland and Brisbane are presented in their entireties as well as upgraded Adelaide and Sydney recordings, where for the Sydney show rarely circulated alternate recording is used to complete basic source tape. All recordings are sourced from the lowest generation source material even circulated. Additional single DVD with few black and white and colour amateur footages completing this mammoth production, and includes literally everything that have surfaced for this memorable period in band’s live history.”


Shattering Rock Experience
February 19, 1972
Memorial Drive Park
Adelaide, Australia

0101. immigrant song
0102. heartbreaker
0103. black dog
0104. since I’ve been loving you
0105. stairway to heaven
0106. going to california
0107. that’s the way
0108. tangerine
0109. bron-yr-aur stomp

0201. dazed and confused
0202. moby dick
0203. whole lotta love

0301. immigrant song
0302. heartbreaker
0303. black dog
0304. since I’ve been loving you
0305. stairway to heaven
0306. going to california
0307. that’s the way
0308. tangerine
0309. bron-yr-aur stomp

0401. dazed and confused
0402. moby dick
0403. whole lotta love

So Loud, So Hot
February 20, 1972
Kooyong Stadium
Melbourne, Australia

0501. immigrant song
0502. heartbreaker
0503. black dog
0504. since I’ve been loving you
0505. stairway to heaven
0506. going to california
0507. that’s the way
0508. tangerine
0509. bron-yr-aur stomp

0601. dazed and confused
0602. whole lotta love
0603. rock and roll

00701. intro
0702. immigrant song
0703. heartbreaker
0704. black dog
0705. since I’ve been loving you
0706. stairway to heaven
0707. going to california
0708. that’s the way
0709. tangerine
0710. bron-yr-aur stomp0

0801. dazed and confused
0802. rock and roll
0803. whole lotta love

Biggest Gathering
February 25, 1972
Western Springs Stadium
Auckland, New Zealand

0901. immigrant song
0902. heartbreaker
0903. black dog
0904. since I’ve been loving you
0905. celebration day
0906. stairway to heaven
0907. going to california
0908. that’s the way
0909. tangerine
0910. bron-yr-aur stomp

1001. dazed and confused
1002. what is and what should never be
1003. moby dick
1004. rock and roll
1005. whle lotta love
1006. communication breakdown

1101. immigrant song
1102. heartbreaker
1103. black dog
1104. since I’ve been loving you
1105. celebration day
1106. stairway to heaven
1107. going to california
1108. that’s the way
1109. tangerine

1110. bron-yr-aur stomp

1201. dazed and confused
1202. what is and what should never be
1203. moby dick
1204. rock and roll
1205. whle lotta love
1206. communication breakdown

Pop Goes The Showground
February 27, 1972
Sydney Showground
Sydney, Australia

1301. black dog
1302. stairway to heaven
1303. going to california
1304. that’s the way
1305. tangerine
1306. bron-yr-aur stomp
1307. dazed and confused
1308. what is and what should never be

1401. moby dick
1402. rock and roll
1403. whole lotta love
1404. communication breakdown
1405. organ solo
1406. thank you

1501. black dog
1502. stairway to heaven
1503. going to california
1504. that’s the way
1505. tangerine
1506. bron-yr-aur stomp
1507. dazed and confused
1508. what is and what should never be

1601. moby dick
1602. rock and roll
1603. whole lotta love
1604. communication breakdown
1605. organ solo
1606. thank you

Indoor Farewell
February 29, 1972
Festival Hall
Brisbane, Australia

1701. immigrant song
1702. heartbreaker
1703. black Dog
1704. since I’ve been loving you
1705. celebration day
1706. stairway to heaven
1707. going to california
1708. that’s the way
1709. tangerine
1710. bron-yr-aur stomp

1801. dazed and confused
1802. what is and what should never be
1803. moby dick
1804. whole lotta love

1901. immigrant song
1902. heartbreaker
1903. black Dog
1904. since I’ve been loving you
1905. celebration day
1906. stairway to heaven
1907. going to california
1908. that’s the way
1909. tangerine
1910. bron-yr-aur stomp

2001. dazed and confused
2002. what is and what should never be
2003. moby dick
2004. whole lotta love

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