March Madness: OFFICIAL Record Store Day 2014 List Released


“The plural of vinyl is vinyl.” Roll over Chuck D, and tell Tchaikovsky the news…

 By Fred Mills

 Although as we pointed out last week there have been rumors—and even a near-comprehensive leaked list—about this year’s Record Store Day releases, the official announcement didn’t come until today, March 20. (The RSD folks wanted to hold off until after the SXSW madness was done.)

 Wait finally over, all you vinyl geeks can wipe the anticipatory drool off your chins and start attending those stiffies down below as you peruse the official list or download the PDF over at the RSD website…. Sadly, the highly anticipated Neil Young box has been bumped, most likely until RSD’s Black Friday event in November, but otherwise there is a phenomenal list, both quantitatively and qualitatively, they’ve got this year.

 See ya on April 19. Someone save me a spot in line, please?

 RSD Chuck D

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