Luna Tour To Include “Penthouse” LP Played in its Entirety


If you’re one of the Atlanta attendees, you will be in luck!

By Blurt Staff

Nearly 11 years ago Luna – Dean Wareham’s post-Galaxie 500 outfit and a beloved one among indie rockers to this day – broke up, leaving behind the Rendezvous album, among several. Then out of the blue last October they announced an upcoming mini-reunion tour of Spain, which wound up taking place this past April, to great acclaim. Since then the band has done a number of North American shows – including this one in Brooklyn, which enthused, of the June concert, “Live, the songs opened up in ways that the studio versions deliberately held back” – and now they’ve announced a fresh round of touring.

The first show will be Oct. 2 in Atlanta (details HERE) and the band has indicated that it plans to perform classic album Penthouse from start to finish, which will be a first. It also might be the only complete performance of the record of the tour, but obviously only time will tell…

Luna is currently playing in the UK. You can find out more on that short tour and what’s coming up at the band’s Facebook page.

Luna poster

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