For The Love Of Zines! Review Bonus: Ugly Things


Tim Hinely, of Dagger zine fame, and a longtime contributor/blogger here at BLURT, has been posting his “For The Love Of Zines!” blog for a number of years now. He recently grabbed the most recent issues of legendary/long-running garage/psych/punk fanzine Ugly Things, which of course is the brainchild of the equally legendary Mike Stax. We decided that Tim’s appreciation for all things U.T. was worth a standalone kudos, so without further you know what…Pictured above: issue #42. Down below: #43.


Ugly Things (issues #42 and 43): Man, I never miss an issue of Ugly Things. A few months ago I walked into Twist & Shout and saw issue #42 (with The Weirdos!) and ended up buying a few records instead, figuring I’ll buy the ish of U.T. next time. Well, next time it wasn’t there and no other store in town had it. I panicked for a bit…then realized I could mailorder it so I did and found out that there was a brand new ish, #$43 so ordered that as well! Editor/publisher Mike Stax used to pop out a new issue about once a year, but these days I think he’s on a two-a-year schedule (better for us fans of the mag).

As it says at the top of the mag every issue, “Wild sounds from past dimensions” so yeah, Stax and his crew are all about the old stuff from previous decades (usually the 60’s). Eash issue is about 150 pages with a nice, hard-stock color cover. Ok, in issue #42 , as mentioned, you’ve got The Weirdos plus Paul Samwell-Smith of The Yardbirds, The Penetrators, The Carnaby and more as well as a boatload of reviews of records,  books, dvds. There’s also plenty of columns from Stax and his motley crew.


The brand spankin’ new issue #43 has got San Francisco proto-punks Crime as well as piece on Thing to Come, Bent Wind, The Turtles, Music Machine, and more. A few of my favorite columnists both show up in #43, Ric Menck’s Call Me Lightning column and Doug Sheppard’s Electric Sailing are both back (Doug’s column was in both, but Ric’s was not in #42) plus they’ve added my old pal Tim Stegall on to the staff to handle some reviews, too.  U.T. is always a great read, but now has gotten even better.

So there you have it, if you’re a fan then you’ve already got both of these issue and if you’ve never checked out U.T. well, what are you waiting for, call! (Operators are standing by; tell ‘em BLURT and Dagger zine sent ya.)


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