Listen to Myrkur Interviewed at… NPR?!?


This is not your typical grannies-in-hot-tubs feel-good NPR feature, eh?

By Fred Mills

If you caught NPR’s “Weekend Edition” on Sunday morning (Aug. 31) you probably were caught offguard to hear the term “black metal” being uttered by the program’s host. To their credit, the weekend crew has a knack for digging up a fascinating array of topics, and this time around it was simply fascinating: Rachel Martin interviewed black metal mistress Myrkur, aka Danish musician Amalie Bruun, who talked about her music, her early classical influences, and her acclaimed new album m.

“Putting this music out is an outlet for me, so when I scream, I really do it from the inside, to get something out. It actually comes almost as natural as the other style of singing. You have to act according to certain rules, especially as a woman, and [at] some time I just decided not to, and act according to my own rules and what feels natural to me instead of everybody else.”

To hear Bruun doing the Cookie Monster(ess) vocals on NPR, and on a Sunday, was a pretty cognitively dissonant moment, to say the least. It’s unfortunate that the segment didn’t attempt to define or more fully describe black metal, since it often seems to be a source of confusion to outsiders. But hats off to Martin and the NPR crew for exposing their audience to something definitely new and alien to at least 99% of listeners. Check out the interview, below.

Go HERE to read BLURT’s review of the Myrkur album, of which contributor Daniel Matti enthused, “Black metal has always had a sense of shock and awe. With Myrkur bringing on a group of girls presenting their sweet vocals throughout the album, it is simultaneously filled with beauty and grace and some of the rawest form of gothic black metal.”

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