Listen to a New Track by N.C.’s Magnolia Collective

Magnolia Collective

Superb new album arrives in October.

By Blurt Staff

Self-styled “bootgazer” (heh!) North Carolina outfit Magnolia Collective returns in late October with new album An Old Darkness Falls—talk about an appropriate title just as we start easing into the cold months of the year here in the Tarheel state. It’ll arrive via the ever-eclectic Potluck label. To get appetites whetted the band has shared first single “Coldest Winter” online and you can check it out here:

Together about 5 years now, the group currently includes Daniel Snyder, Rich McLaughlin, Mimi McLaughlin and Jonathan Truesdale. They’ve been likened to Son Volt, the Byrds and the Handsome Family, what with their rootsy-yet-rollicking sound that’s lined by elements of folk and psych—cosmic American music for sure, and an album that’s surely being highly anticipated among their fans.

More details at the band’s Facebook page, natch. There’s to be an album release party, incidentally, on Oct. 24 at Chapel Hill’s Local 506 club.

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