Listen to Thurston Moore’s New/Former Black Metal Band

Thurston Moore

Well, that didn’t last long, now, did it?

 By Uncle Blurt

 Over at the urban music-centric Pitchfork webzine the curators are apparently branching out these days into indie rock and black metal, and nothing is more indie rock and black metal AT THE SAME TIME than erstwhile Sonic Youth guitarist (and ex-Mr. Kim Gordon) Thurston Moore! The site’s music preview service, Pitchfork Advance, will make Moore’s side project Twilight’s new album III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb, available on Advance until March 24. The rest of you can buy it via the Century Media label.

 The band, reportedly braking up, comprises Moore, Stavros Giannopoulos (Atlas Moth), Wrest (Leviathan), N. Imperial (Krieg), and metal producer Sanford Parker. Moore is quoted at Pitchfork as saying, “We’re not coming together to make music. We’re joining forces to destroy all rational thought.”

 Whoa. Deep, dude. Kinda like a Swamp Dogg (“I’m not selling out. I’m buying in!”) comment for Gen X. Or Gen Y. Or Gen Why. Who knows? It’s brilliantly meaningless doublespeak. But hey, black metal is the new indie rock. Or maybe indie rock is the new black metal. Who knows!

Okay, let’s go listen to some rock ‘n’ roll…

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