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If it happened on the Sunset Strip, he was probably present.

 By Blurt Staff

 Glam rock icon and L.A. scene fixture Michael Des Barres (Silverhead, Detective, Power Station, etc.) has just released a live album recently recorded at the Viper Room in Hollywood. Hot ‘n Sticky is the title and we are advised that it is “just as the title describes, delivering the songs from his recent solo albumCarnaby Street and other personal favorites the way this music is meant to be enjoyed. It’s down-n-dirty, straight-up rock ‘n roll.”

 Well, all right then! Spoken like a true Sunset Strip denizen. Check out some tunes:

  Explains Des Barres, “I had no plans to record a live album that night. I record everything so I have something to dance to, but this happened to be one of those hot and sticky nights when the music plays itself, and we became like a primal, blusey, electric machine. Of course it helps that we’ve played every club, dive bar and juke joint that would have us. That’s where rock ‘n roll lives — no video screens, no lasers, dancers or lip synching, just raw incantations from the Olympian heights of rock ‘n roll heaven.” 

 Michael Des Barres has been on the rock n’ roll scene for more than four decades, raised in England but a longtime Los Angeles resident. In addition to two weekly syndicated radio shows, Roots & Branches and The Michael Des Barres Show, he has appeared in feature films and countless hit television shows such as NCIS, Nip/Tuck, The Finder, and as the infamous assassin Murdoc on MacGyver. Michael has also been featured in music videos for Maroon 5 and Rihanna and co-stars with Robert Carlyle in the just-released film California Solo

 Michael Des Barres

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