Listen to Southern Culture on the Skids Cover Xmas Classic “Silver Bells”


More than countrypolitan culture, eh? [3rd in our series of 2015 Christmas Songs, collect ’em all: (1) Luxuriant Sedans – “Santa Claus, Baby“; (2) Sleater-Kinney – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)”;]

By Barbi Martinez, Blurt Intern

It’s never a bummer Christmas when Southern Culture on the Skids turns up under the tree—or on your playlist, so let’s add this one. Some deets from the band follow the sweet countrypolitan-esque track:

“Silver Bells” is available as digital download in the Skidmart on, and available soon on iTunes and all the other digital stores and streaming sites….”Silver Bells” was first performed by Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell in the 1951 movie, “The Lemon Drop Kid” and was a big hit for the King of the Crooners, Bing Crosby. “Silver Bells” was written by Jay Livingstone and Ray Evans. The future classic was originally titled “Tinkle Bells” until Jay played it for his wife who liked the tune but pointed out the bathroom connotations of “Tinkle Bells” and said that just wouldn’t float!!!!”




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