Listen to New Warlocks Track in Which They Lament the “Dead Generation”

Warlocks by Eric Curtis

Brooding psych masterpiece comes from upcoming album Skull Worship.

 By Blurt Staff

 Very “psyched” to share this with you, dear BLURT-ers: a brand new brain-melt from The Warlocks. Check out “Dead Generation” from the new album Skull Worship, released Nov. 25 on frontman Bobby Hecksher’s Zap Banana label:

Says  Hecksher, “Dead Generation” is about the overall feeling of being alienated with one another. I’ve noticed a real change in the way we talk (or lack of). It’s like our tone and demeanor have changed. Like the pulse of your friends are substituted with staring down at screens rather than any kind of personal connections. I’m not a hater of this modern world or anything just something I notice more and more. We are floored with knowledge and information (which is good thing vs 20-50 years ago!) but I think it changes you. Changes the people around you. Makes you feel dead sometimes or something like that. Cold and distant.”

 Recorded over a 2 year period, Skull Worship is the Los Angeles-based band’s eighth album. The Warlocks construct a dense, more elaborate web of sound, layers of distortion and the occasional synth a la Silver Apples and Red Crayola. “Silver & Plastic” expands the band’s oeuvre into acoustic territory recalling T Rex. Other songs like “Endless Drops” turn to Hawkwind, Neu! and experimental rock for inspiration.

Warlocks CD

Bobby Hecksher: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & Bass
JC Rees: Guitar, Feedback, Percussion
Earl V. Miller: Guitar, Drone Machine
Chris DiPino: Bass
George Serrano: Drums

Selected Discography
Rise and Fall (Bomp – 2001)
The Phoenix Album (Birdman – 2002)
Surgery (Mute – 2005)
Heavy Deavy Skull Lover (Teepee – 2007)
The Mirror Explodes (Teepee – 2009)
Rise and Fall, EP and Rarities (Zap Banana – 2010)
Skull Worship (Zap Banana – 2013)

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