Listen to New Single from NC’s Amigo: “I Wanna Live”


Tarheel rockers serve up peace, love and understanding on terrific new single.

By Fred Mills

So as most of you probably know, BLURT is based in North Carolina, as is our sister business, Schoolkids Records, an indie record chain with stores in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill/Carrboro. As you also probably know, the Tarheel State is in the middle of a political and cultural shitstorm, and there’s been a ton of collateral damage as a result of that shitstorm.

So we’re pretty lucky to have so many gifted, creative bands here who continue to keep the faith amid these negative times, in the process helping to raise everyone’s spirits—among those bands, Charlotte, NC, indie rockers Amigo, who I had the pleasure of seeing them perform a couple of years ago at the Raleigh Schoolkids. These guys are tuneful as hell, with a hint of twang here and there as well as no shortage of hi-nrg mojo. I think a friend of mine called ‘em “10 feet tall and bulletproof,” so who am I to argue with that, because their music speaks for itself.

The band has a brand new track they’ve just recently unveiled, one which is not necessarily going to be on the next Amigo album, the followup to 2014’s outstanding Might Could. (It’s one-half of a split single with Greenville, SC, combo The Long Canes, who represent their own city with plenty of panache as well. via their track “Do You Remember?”.) Check out “I Wanna Live (‘Cause I Don’t Wanna Die)” below, which is a vibrant blend of Tom Petty/Byrds-styled Americana and full-on garage-rock twang that’ll have you humming it to yourself well into the wee hours. Check ‘em out if they come anywhere near ya—hell, just make the road trip if they don’t—and in the meantime grab the 45 while it’s available.

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