Listen to New Ray Hanson/Whores of Babylon


Definitely where it’s at. Above photo by Jeff Moh.

By Fred Mills

Not long ago the BLURT braintrust, primarily made up of sundry lapses fans of Thee Hypnotics, sang the praises of the band’s erstwhile guitarist Ray “Sonic” Hanson. He’s just posted some fresh material from his current outfit, Whores of Babylon, and they definitely pass the smell test, and his band definitely kicks some serious arse.

Regarding the music, as Hanson himself puts it, about the first track:

“Grooving Dirty Rock’n’Roll, Raw Rough Ready!Bulldozer on thru man , Ramshackle Blooze is where its at for now!! Hope u get to where you wanna be??before its too late!? 4 trk Home Demos Ray Hanson ~Vox , Gtrs Slide & Vibrato), Drums., Congas..etc!.(Recorded 2010)..1 st take each time!, outta necessity!! bass..Run outta trks ..Same old Song & dance!!”

And for the other:

“Same as b4!All instruments Vox, Harp Gtrs,Bass Etc ~Ray Hanson….4trk Home Demos(Recorded 2013)..1 take wonders , !!like all other trks!!..thats what i call , spontaneous & organic!!..Hey , thats the way it rolled!!…coz it had to be that way!outta necessity , logistics & limitations!”


Couldn’t have put it better myself, Ray.

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