Listen to a New R. Stevie Moore/Jason Faulkner Track


Above: fresh from ZZ Top auditions, the dynamic duo finds their backs up against a wall.

By Blurt Staff

Let’s cut to the chase: R. Stevie Moore is a freakin’ legend – to some of us he’s also a legendary freak, in the best sense of the word – and if you are not familiar with the gentleman, go brush up on your underground rock lore at his Wikipedia page or official website. Maybe even drag that old cassette player outta the attic. Moore’s younger compatriot Jason Faulkner ain’t no minor player either – maybe you’ve heard of the Three O’Clock or Jellyfish?

So let us genuflect before the duo’s new collaboration, Make It Be, and listen to their killer track “Another Day Slips Away” as well.

You’ll be glad you did. The album’s out on March 10, and we are advised thusly: “In a partnership with Bar None Records, Lost Colony Music is releasing the improbable-in-concept yet perfect-in-practice collaboration between lo-fi music pioneer R. Stevie Moore & power pop icon Jason Falkner. _ The majority of songs were composed by Moore with one Falkner composition, a Roger Ferguson/Moore cowrite, a surprising cover of “Don’t You Just Know It”, five co-writes between the two sprinkled throughout. The recording was done by Jason Falkner at his Rhetoric Studio in Hollywood CA.”

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