Listen to New Buffalo Tom Track

Brand new album from the beloved Northeast band arrives in early March.

By Fred Mills

Let’s cut to the chase: We have always loved Buffalo Tom. (So have I, personally – I interviewed guitarist Bill Janovitz before the band’s first, self-titled album had even come out in the United States in 1988.) YOU have always loved Buffalo Tom, from the mid ’80s through the alt-rock ’90s, and then again when the group resumed operations in 2007 following a lengthy hiatus.

So it’s exciting news to learn that the group has a new album, Quiet and Peace, arriving March 2 via the Schoolkids Records label – which just happens to be our sister business. It’s the followup to 2011’s Skins, and it has Janovitz, bassist Chris Colbourn, and drummer Tom Maginnis working with producer Dave Minehan.

Janovitz recently described the album thusly to Stereogum:

“This is a really dark, New England record to Chris. He thinks it’s one of our darkest yet. He kept using the words ‘weird New England.’ We’re [all] not natives, but we’ve all been here for 30-plus years — [drummer] Tom [Maginnis] is a native. There is that changing of seasons thing, how the weather affects people, and how people’s interactions affect each other. There’s something particularly New England that can be very strange, and I think that’s seeping into the lyrics as well”

Below, you can check it lead track “All Be Gone.”

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