Listen to Big Star’s “3rd” Live in Memphis

Big Star 3rd

Presented by Beale Street Caravan, natch.

By Blurt Staff

Last year we were pretty stoked to be able to publish a photo gallery by ace shutterbug Marty Perez of the Big Star 3rd concert in Chicago (June 28, 2013); the photos here, of the ensemble and of Big Star original drummer Jody Stephens, are from that gallery.

So this past weekend the most excellent Memphis-centric syndicated radio show Beale Street Caravan aired its latest broadcast: a recording of the Big Star Third concert originally performed in Memphis. According to the show’s organizers, “The songs of the iconic album, Big Star’s 3rd, fill the air in Overton Park in Memphis, TN, as Jody Stephens and an all-star cast, including Mitch Easter, Chris Stamey, and Pat Sansone, take the stage to bring the songs to life in front of an adoring hometown crowd.”

Adoring is an understatement—Stephens in particular sounds ecstatic with appreciation to the response. (The sound quality for the broadcast ain’t half bad either.) If you are into Big Star, you’ve got a real treat awaiting you right here at the Beale Street Caravan site.

Big Star 3rd

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