Listen to 1st New Long Ryders Tune in 30 Years

Welcome back, lads.

By Uncle Blurt

Join with me, fellow Paisley Underground acolytes and proto-Americana devotees, in casting our minds back to the heyday of the aforementioned PU—and, in particular, to the mighty Cali twang-rockers the Long Ryders. Yesterday the group—which still continues to tour and perform periodically even though all the members have their own pursuits; Sid Griffin’s Coal Porters were reviewed in these very pages not long ago—released its first new studio track in three decade and it is, as our British brethren might put it, a corker.

Titled “Bear In the Woods,” it’s described by songwriter Tom Stevens thusly:

“The message is complex. I wrote this song about a bear, a friendly one, approaching it like a children’s song. But what emerged under its surface was different. I likely had the state of politics on my mind. The bear in this song may not be the friendly, all-knowing guru that he appears. But in real life, it’s up to us to seek our best hopes and not our worst fears in our gurus. Lately I feel that too many have done the latter.

“Thirty years on and the band still sounds wonderful–mature, familiar yet new, and all very much The Long Ryders. It’s brand new musical scenery in our long ryde, and we’re all enjoying the view.”

Boy howdy to that, Tom. Let’s get cracking on a new album, gents. Incidentally, the band kicks off a brief West Coast tour next week—tour dates and more info here. (See below as well.)

To our readers: you can take a peek at our look at the band from a few years ago right here on the BLURT site as well as our editor’s 2009 interview and profile at Stomp & Stammer.


26/4 Wed – The Chapel – San Francisco, CA –
28/4 Fri – Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA –
29/4 Sat – The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA –
30/4 Sun – STAGECOACH 2017 – Indio, CA –


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