Let’s Listen to that New True Believers Track

True Believers

One more reason why Austin is our favorite rock ‘n’ roll town, hands down…

By Fred Mills

Okay, let’s get this thing started: elsewhere on the site you can read “Metal” Michael Toland’s review of the new, limited edition True Believers EP, Dedication. As he points out, following a one-off reunion gig in 2012, the Troobs – Alejandro Escovedo, Jon Dee Graham, Javier Escovedo, Denny DeGorio and Rey Washam- dug the chemistry and decided to keep doing the occasional gig and even some recording. Below, check out the sonic proof that the decision was a good one….

[Photo via the KEXP blog, by David Lichterman; used without permission, but we couldn’t locate another, better, current one of the group so we hope the “borrowing” will be accepted in the spirit of supporting a damn legendary group. Hey, I saw the band way, way back in the day, so I am a card-carrying fan. A “true believer,” so to speak.]

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