Legendary NC Combo Sneakers Gets Vinyl Reissue


And in the process the seven-inch grows and extra three inches!

By Fred Mills

Tarheel scene watches know the name Sneakers—the mid ‘70s Chapel Hill band that spawned both The dB’s and Let’s Active along with the short-lived but much-loved H-Bombs and Secret Service. In ’76 Sneakers self-released an eponymous six-song 7” EP (known in some circles as the “Condition Red EP” due to one of the songtitles), and as an artifact of the early punk scene in America, it eventually gained a reputation as being a crucial release on the order of Patti Smith’s “Piss Factory,” Television’s “Little Johnny Jewel” and Pere Ubu’s “30 Seconds Over Tokyo.”

The limited pressing quickly went out of print and copies would go on to become eBay fodder when the Internet arrived; the band also broke up, although Chris Stamey and Mitch Easter did put together a posthumous 12” EP under the Sneakers name, and some time later a CD version was released. Fast forward to 2014, and Omnivore Records has announced plans to reissue the original EP in November, this time as a limited edition (1500 copies) remastered/expanded 10” and pressed on clear vinyl with a download code included. Worth noting: included with the three bonus tracks is a cover of the Grassroots’ pop classic “Let’s Live For Today” featuring the vocal debut of drummer Will Rigby.

Below is the tracklisting, followed by some audio goodies. And if you’re interested in checking out a terrific dB’s-centric music blog that also overlaps with Sneakers coverage, go HERE.



Condition Red


Love’s Like a Cuban Crisis

On The Brink

Let’s Live For Today

Story Of A Girl


S’il Vous Plait

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