Last Minute Record Store Day 2015 Titles Announced


Johnny Cash, Flaming Lips, Yes, Big Star, Shoes, Doors, Sidewinders, Danzig, Phish, RHCP, and much more—what’s not to like!

By Uncle Blurt

It’s pretty obvious we here at BLURT are big fans of Record Store Day—not only do we breathless report on the annual gathering of the vinyl geek tribes (yes, that is us lined up hours before our favorite indie store opens on the assigned day), we typically have post-mortems of some of the sweet scores we make. To wit:

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A few weeks ago the official list of 2015 titles was published at the RSD website and it’s a doozy, as usual. This afternoon a slew of last-minute additions were made public, and it would be an understatement to say that some of these titles are making record collectors all across the country salivate like dogs in the presence of Pavlov’s bell. (Cue up the Rolling Stones’ “Bitch”.) That H-Bombs 10” set looks particularly appealing to yours truly, a devoted fan of North Carolina’s Peter Holsapple and Mitch Easter.

Check ‘em out, below, and we’ll see you on Saturday, April 18…

Johnny Cash – “The American” Singles Box (30 7” 45s of all the songs on the recent “American Recordings” LP box, housed in a unique guitar-shaped box with a faux-autograph etching) (200 copies)

Danzig – Misfits Mania 12” EP, blood red vinyl(Glenn Danzig revisits the catalog of his early band; guests include Henry Rollins and Eerie Von) 1500 copies

Yes – Unbreakable: Live At Burning Man 2014 2LP, pink vinyl (2500 copies)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Father’s Milk (live in Phoenix 2013 covering “Mother’s Milk” in its entirety but in reverse order) (950 copies)

The H-Bombs – The Great Lost H-Bombs Double EP (two 10” Eps; pre-dB’s/Let’s Active band featuring Peter Holsapple and Mitch Easter)

Dave Matthews Band – Atop the Table & Sleeping: The “Under The Table” Sessions 6LP box; each album a different color vinyl (300 copies)

Phish – Grateful Dead Daze 3LP set (1000 copies)

Flaming Lips – The Hard Posterboard 10” picture discs (9000 copies)

“The Room” soundtrack 12” picture disc (shows Tommy Wiseau’s face on side A and a spoon on side B) (1200 copies)

Big Star – November Boys 7” one-sided single (long-rumored “answer single” that Chilton, Stephens and Hummel had reportedly cut one Quaalude-fueled night at Ardent Studios in Memphis after watching a Bangles video on MTV, includes digital download for the track + special “Stringfellow remix” version of same) (3000 copies)

Shoes – Boots ‘n’ Laces b/w Brannock Device 7” (power pop icons’ 45 reissued; originally released as fanclub-only single 4/1/81; shoe-black vinyl) (750 copies)

Doors – Rock Is Dead mega-mix 12” (legendary final studio session from the late Jim Morrison, rarely bootlegged, in which he chronicles a semi-history of rock ‘n’ roll; benefit disc for Save The Whales Foundation; special Ralph Steadman artwork) (4500 copies)

The Sidewinders/Sidewinder– The Sidewinder(s) Sessions split 7” EP; “depressed grey” vinyl (legendary Tucson desert rockers and legendary Raleigh classic rockers bury the hatchet and do two songs apiece of each other’s faves as voted on by fans; includes bonus flexi disc from the Sand Rubies doing “special Tarheel mix” of their own song “Goodbye”) (100 copies REGIONAL EXCLUSIVE, 50 apiece for NC’s Schoolkids Records and Tucson’s Zia Record Exchange)



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