Laibach Is Smarter Than You: New EP Celebrates 1944 Warsaw Uprising


And it’s way more interesting than 99% of all the indie rock being released this month… Below, a clip from earlier this year.

National Centre for Culture is presenting the brand new Laibach EP, titled 1 VIII 1944. Warszawa. From that title you may, indeed, surmise that the musical content of this record from the Slovenian band celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. (Look it up, all you history-challenged Millennials…

The project has been commissioned by National Centre for Culture and financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. And on Oct. 24 the songs from the EP will be performed live for the first time during Laibach’s concert at the Soundedit Festival in Lodz, Poland.

EP Tracklist:

1. Warszawskie dzieci

2. Zog Nit Keyn Mol

3. Mach Dir Nichts Daraus

Meanwhile, as we await the new release, we’ll check out a pretty funny video of the band’s “Whistleblowers” taken from their recent album Spectre. Not sure if it’s inspiring or disturbing, since it seems to flirt with both idealism and fetishism (figure it out), but Teutonically speaking, it rocks. Heil, Laibach.



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