Kurt Bloch Unveils New Band The Yes Masters

Album available on sweet colored wax to boot.

By Blurt Staff

Yes, that IS the mighty Kurt Bloch doing his best Townshend upstroke in the photo above. But he ain’t just tilting at windmills – he’s just chuffed over his new project The Yes Masters. You will recall, of course, that the Northwest rocker, late of the Young Fresh Fellows and the Fastbacks, has had his hand in scores of classic albums over the years. Among the bands he’s produced or worked with: Minus 5, Venus 3, Les Thugs, Sicko, Flop, and many more.

And The Yes Masters is described at their Bandcamp page thusly:

“Debut record from this plastic knife-wielding consort who have taken what is rightfully yours, and handed it right back to you, but a little louder.”

Boy howdy to that. Also in the band: Rick Foundation (drums), and Matt Scientist (bass, vocals). At the aforementioned Bandcamp link you can preview the record and then order it in either digital or vinyl format. The latter comes in multiple options, by the way…

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