KT Tunstall Announces Howe Gelb-Produced Album

KT Tunstall

Recorded in Tucson, natch. We know that town.

 By Blurt Staff

British singer-songwriter KT Tunstall‘s new, fourth, album Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon is set for an August 6 release in the U.S. on Blue Note Records. (It drops June 10 in the UK.) While we wouldn’t normally even blink at a title coming out that far ahead – it’s friggin’ 4 months away, kids; there will be thousands of releases between now and then, including for Record Store Day, April 20 – the fact that it was produced by Howe Gelb of Giant Sand clearly gives it an edge in the “why should we care?” sweepstakes!

All kidding aside, the Gelb connection is significant. IECM’s country-folk tinged undercurrents grew out of KT’s decision to travel to Tucson, Arizona to record with Gelb. KT describes the album as “full of songs from the heart,” adding “I followed my path of truth and ended up in a different place.”

IECM is made up from two sessions with a season in between them, and KT saw the work as naturally separated into two distinct parts – an ‘A’ side and a ‘B’ side. The first batch sees songs like the exquisite “Made Of Glass” and “Yellow Flower” focusing on the themes of mortality, a subject close to her heart following the passing away of her father last year. The second batch evokes an ethereal mood, more reflective of deeply felt changes in outlook and shifts in her personal life.

KT has already announced summer European tour dates, and will be announcing Fall U.S tour dates shortly. See www.kttunstall.com for more details.

 Watch the Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon album trailer:

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