Kehlani: Novel “Suicide” Attempt For Social Media Addicts


Celebritydom via social media reaches a new low.

By Fred Mills

Taking your life is serious stuff – for many it is indeed a “cry for help,” and its repercussions are profound, lasting, and tragic. The “romance” of suicide, however, reached a new high – make that, “low” – this week when Atlantic-signed singer Kehlani decided to post photos of herself in the hospital, IV tubes attached, following a suicide attempt related to issues she was having with her boyfriends/ex-boyfriends (terms appear to be vague), basketball star Kyrie Irving and musician PartyNextDoor.


You can read/view it all over at TMZ if you really want to be disgusted. And here, I won’t be so cold as to debate the particulars along serious/trivial parameters. Sadly, most of us have been touched by this in in some manner. The chilling thing is not that a young, confused woman would attempt suicide in the wake of romantic troubles; this happens, unfortunately, on a daily basis, to both sexes, to all ages, and everywhere. No, it’s because somewhere along the way we as a society gave the implicit approval that anything is fair game for social media, from broadcasting one’s plans to go on a gun-blasting rampage to strapping on a load of explosives to turning a suicide incident into a publicity-seeking stunt. (Posted the singer, along with the Instagram pics, “I wanted to leave this earth. Being completely selfish for once. Never thought I’d get to such a low point.”)

Hey Kehlani: speaking as the parent of a teenager, if and when I hear about an incident similar to yours that involves some impressionable young kid, guess who I plan to blame for giving him/her the idea that this might be a quick, easy way to get famous?

Kehlani is reportedly being held on psychiatric watch at a Los Angeles hotel. She, or more likely her record label handlers/apologists,  apparently deleted the Instagram posts, but we all know what happens once you upload something to the Internet.

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