Keeping Up With The Gizzard Wizards

By Uncle Blurt

By any measure – Robert Pollard, Ryan Adams, even the Kardashian loonies – Australia’s King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard has had a, ahem PRODUCTIVE 12-month period. No, they didn’t announce pregnancies across the board, or sundry thin-skined beefs with fellow rockers, or a slate of one-off side projects – although those could be forthcoming in 2018, who knows.

But what they DID do is release no less than four (4, count ’em) new records during 2017, most in them in multiple formats and a dizzying array of colored vinyl iterations, with the mindbending Polygondwanaland (ask us about our special clear-vinyl copy…) arriving late in the year. But wait – did we say late in the year?

There have also been no less than four new singles:”All Is Known,” “Beginner’s Luck,” “Greenhouse Heat Death” – and now, “The Last Oasis.” Check it out, below, followed by the other three. We can’t even predict what will drop next week as 2018 unfolds…

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