Jon Langford Posts Chaps. 3 and 4 of Mekons Tour Diary


“Accused of both rehearsing and limiting our alcohol intake in the cynical service of musical coherence and careerist opportunism.” —Jon Langford. Above: some Mekons on the road.

By Uncle Blurt

Damn those scurvy bastards over at! In addition to spilling the real beans on everything from Netanyahu’s back-room dealings to the myth of black churches to why gobbling all those Advils just might kill you after all they have also managed to land the rock ‘n’ roll scoop of the year: the ongoing Mekons tour diary, penned by none other than BLURT hero (and SXSW day party co-conspirator) Jonboy Langford!

Langford just posted the fourth installment today, about their recent, triumphant, gig at the Bowery Ballroom, while Episode Three’s title pretty much tells the story: Where We Thrill Everyone by Playing Like “Utter Bloody Garbage”. And a salute (or at least a pint-hoist) in Langford’s direction is clearly in order just for his being able to scribble down his missives and get them posted over to his CounterPunch editor—the band is not only trying to get from gig to gig intact, it also attempted to cut an album while on the road, so one can imagine time is not necessarily Langford’s best pal at the moment. Notes Langford, of the album session, “Trying to write and rehearse new material on the road is close to impossible, but still the deadline loomed.”

Go HERE to access the queue of diary entries—if ya dare.

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