Jon Langford Designs Posters For Blurt’s Day Parties During SXSW

SXSW Wednesday

We trust you will need no introduction to Mr. Langford…

By Fred Mills

A couple of days ago we unveiled our lineup of performers for our 4-day/3-night day party at Austin’s Ginger Man Pub during SXSW (March 12-15). As in years past, the incomparable Jon Langford is curating one of the afternoons, and also as he has done so expertly in the past, he has designed the official show posters. Wednesday is above, while below are the Thursday, Friday and Saturday posters. Collect ’em all! Oh yeah, and drink some Dogfish Head beer while you’re collecting ’em….

SXSW Thursday

SXSW Friday

SXSW Saturday

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