Johnny Marr Preps New Solo LP

Johnny Marr

Swift followup to acclaimed 2013 release.

By Barbi Martinez, Blurt Intern

We loved Johnny Marr’s album from last year, The Messenger, and we even have an autographed poster from the ex-Smiths guitar god on our office wall. Which makes us giddy with delight to get the news today (via NME) that Marr has another record slated for October 6, written “while on the road during the past two years” recorded in London.

Titled Playland, it was inspired, NME tells us, by ‘Homo Ludens’, a highly influential book by Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga. ‘Homo Ludens’ translates as ‘Man The Player’, or ‘Playing Man’.”

Nope, me neither.

At any rate, the article finds Marr elaborating upon several songs on the album (no music, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense), along with his thoughts on the recording sessions. “It was deliberate to work in London,” said Marr. “Where you work definitely affects how it sounds and seeps into the music, and I’ve developed a really good feeling for London in the past couple of years, I like the frenetic atmosphere.”

Hey, did you know that Johnny Marr’s last name kinda sounds like mine? Okay, over to the tracklist.


 Back In The Box
Easy Money
25 Hours
The Trap
Speak Out Reach Out
Boys Get Straight
This Tension
Little King

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