John Coltrane Theatrical Documentary Due


Late jazz legend, born in 1926 in Hamlet, North Carolina, has never been given the full biographical treatment by Hollywood. Below, watch an exclusive live clip.

Meteor 17 and Crew Neck Productions have announced that they will produce a new authorized documentary about John Coltrane. The film, targeted for theatrical release in late 2015 / early 2016, will be written and directed by award-winning filmmaker John Scheinfeld (The U.S. vs. John Lennon and Who Is Harry Nilsson (and Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him?) and created with the full cooperation of John Coltrane’s estate. Meteor 17’s Spencer D. Proffer, along with John Beug and Scott Pascucci will produce.

The filmmakers have been granted unprecedented access to Coltrane’s complete catalog, including recordings on Impulse!, Prestige, Blue Note, Atlantic and Pablo. And it will be scored entirely with original Coltrane recordings. Below, check out a teaser clip of Coltrane performing one of his signature songs “My Favorite Things” from a ’65 concert in Belgium:

The backstory: “Set against the social, political and cultural landscape of his times, the film will reveal the passions and demons that shaped Coltrane’s life, and explore why his music transcends the barriers of race, religion and age as it continues to inspire listeners around the world decades after his death. Utilizing never-before-seen Coltrane family home movies and audio recordings along with rare film and television appearances, Coltrane’s incredible story will be told by the people who know him best: his family, the musicians that worked with him, and the cultural icons who continue to draw inspiration from his fearless artistry and boundless creative vision.”

Director Scheinfeld comments: “What is it about the music of John Coltrane that transcends all barriers of geography, race, religion and age? Who is this outside-the-box thinker whose boundary-shattering work continues to inspire people around the world? Like any good mystery story, this film will peel back the layers of a compelling, emotional, passionate and dramatic life of demons and redemption to reveal the answers to these and other intriguing questions. We’re also offering people the chance to contribute to the film by sharing stories of how John Coltrane and his music have inspired them personally and professionally. All submissions to the film’s website will be reviewed and the best ones will be considered for the final cut.”

Coltrane’s son Ravi weighs in, saying, “John Coltrane is known to many as an icon of musical and creative expression. He is also known in ways that defy music. His name and what he symbolizes is instantly recognized even by those who don’t follow his music. It is more than a pleasure to know that his life and music, impact and influence, so many decades later will be brought to the screen by such dedicated filmmakers. On behalf of the Coltrane family, I wholeheartedly give our support to this new project. We have the highest hopes that John’s story and music will be seen, heard, and felt in a new and unique light.”

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