Jerry Garcia’s Severed Finger for Sale on Craigslist


Now THAT is getting around those pesky eBay restrictions on flipping body parts….

By Uncle Blurt

Some days we write the news, other days the news writes itself. Ergo, this listing that recently popped up on Craigslist Indiana:

“I am selling Jerry Garcia’s severed finger to raise money for the upcoming GD 50th Anniversary show in Chicago. It pains me to part with this one of a kind collectable, but I believe Jerry would want me to see the last show. Finger is preserved in brine solution and sealed in air tight bottle for long term storage.
Peace & Love, Matt”

Peace and love to you too, brah. Now does anyone out there have preserved in a jar (more like a barrel) one or both of Anna Nicole Smith’s tits that we could make an offer on?

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