Ivan Julian (Voidoids, Fauntleroys) Battling Cancer; Benefit 45 Offered

Ivan Julian

If you clicked on this news item you already know that the due is a freakin’ rock legend….

By Blurt Staff

This news in from our friends at Plowboy Records:

Almost immediately after writing and recording The Fauntleroys new single, “Wait For Me”  b/w “All The Way Down (In The City Of Angels)”, Ivan Julian was diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis looks good for Ivan, but for the next 6 months or more, flexibility to do his work will be greatly diminished, which means a direct impact on his income. Those of you working musicians out there know that the music world is a month to month gamble at best, without benefits like disability, paid sick leave found in other professions.

 Plowboy is now offering the single for sale as full resolution downloads with profits going to Julian – not to mention special incentives to pick up vinyl and CD releases, including the band’s debut EP Below the Pink Pony. Go to the Plowboy page set up for Julian HERE to take a look at details on the single, various donation options and a capsule summary of his career to date.

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