Is Big Brother logging your music consumption activity?



By Uncle Blurt

Our friends at The Big O recently published a thoughtful essay: HOW THE COPYRIGHT INDUSTRY PUSHED FOR INTERNET SURVEILLANCE.

Penned by Rick Falkvinge of TorrentFreak – that organization name alone should clue you that some connections are being traced between you, the music collector, and the recent uproar over Edward Snowden’s exploits – the article notes how “one overlooked major player driving us towards a Big Brother society is the copyright industry.

“The reason for the copyright industry to push for surveillance is simple: any digital communications channel can be used for private conversation, but it can also be used to share culture and knowledge that is under copyright monopoly. In order to tell which communications is which, you must sort all of it – and to do that, you must look at all of it. In other words, if enforcing the copyright monopoly is your priority, you need to kill privacy, and specifically anonymity and secrecy of correspondence. This is exactly what the copyright industry has been doing quite consistently….”

That chill you’re feeling right now? Hey, unless you’re in Antarctica, it ain’t the July weather systems. Read the complete story at the provided link… Meanwhile, let’s review, courtesy Rare Earth:

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