Irony Is Iggy Pop and Justin Bieber in the Same Headline

Justin Iggy

Amnesty International rules, okay?

By Barbi Martinez, Blurt Intern

Amnesty International is kissing Iggy Pop’s (sweet, if wrinkled) ass – and, by extension, Justin Bieber’s (even sweeter, and blemish-free) ass – via some convoluted machinations that apparently had the charity/activist group inappropriately launching a Belgian anti-torture ad campaign that published a “bloodied and beaten” image of Iggy along with a French language caption purportedly quoting Iggy thusly: “The future of rock & roll is Justin Bieber”. According to Rolling Stone the ad said, “Torture a man, and he will tell you anything.”

Eh? Such as, listening to Justin Bieber? There was also a controversial photo of the Dalai Lama used in the ad, but by this point most folks had already gotten confused enough to switch over to ESPN. Meanwhile, Amnesty released the following statement:

“The overall goal of this campaign is to try to influence people’s ideas on the use of torture,” the statement reads. “According to surveys, a shocking number of people believe that ‘torture may sometimes be useful’; more than 36 percent of people even think that torture is justified in some cases. This is unacceptable, and we illustrate this reality with the message that a man who is tortured will say anything in order to escape this awfulness, using provocative images and statements to attract public attention.

“We would therefore also like to make it clear that the statement attributed to Iggy Pop that he believes Justin Bieber is the future of rock and roll does not represent Iggy Pop’s personal opinion but was part of the creative process for this campaign and was intended to be ironic.”

Iggy, for his part, over at his Twitter account, made hay about the whole kerfluffle. Justin was strangely silent (or perhaps peeing on someone’s lawn).



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