Infamous ‘70s Clevo No Wave Band X_X to Play Rare Shows


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By Blurt Staff

As anybody with half a brain will tell you, Cleveland was a much ground zero for punk as were London, New York’s bowery and the Sunset Strip in L.A. So when we get some fresh Clevo news regarding those halcyon days, we are pretty chuffed around here at Blurt. To wit:

Smog Veil Records announces confirmed performances for seminal Cleveland band X__X in Akron, Columbus and Detroit at the end of May. An album release for the band titled, Albert Ayler’s Ghosts Live at the Yellow Ghetto, is planned for November, more details soon. An MP3 preview can be found

      right here.

The shows will be Friday, May 22nd at Annabell’s in Akron; Saturday, May 23rd at Ace of Cups in Columbus; Sunday, May 24th at UFO Factory in Detroit.

X__X is a no wave band formed by John D Morton (electric eels, Johnny and the Dicks) in Cleveland, Ohio in 1978. The New York Times recently featured the band explaining “back in the early 1970s, with only the Stooges and the Velvet Underground as role models, [Morton] and his colleagues turned their youthful alienation into a brazenly experimental, loudly confrontational and proudly antisocial roar that forged a new and distinct style.”

The band is John D Morton on guitar, vocals, Theremin, didgeridoo and electric sitar; Andrew Klimeyk on guitar and vocals; Craig Willis Bell (Rocket From The Tombs) on bass; Matthew Albert Harris on percussion.
“Touring is tiring,” Morton explains. “You get up, drive, eat usually crummy road food, check in, sound check, prolly more crummy food, wait for endless and endlessly bad other bands to play (if you are the headliner) you play, go to your motel with “FREE WI FI” which is like “FREE INDOOR BATHROOM!” Kinda sleep and then repeat. The best thing, the thing that makes it all matter . . . is playing the gigs.”

X__X has shared the stage with artists like Home and Garden, Major Stars, Corn Mo, Gondoliers, Estrogen Highs, Stark Raving Lu Lu, The Gizmos, Cellular Chaos, Anderson/Hoffman/Chase, Blues Control and Silk Purse. CMJ New Music Monthly reviewed the band’s live performance in New York last fall and wrote “A reprise of No Non ¢s had the crowd howling for more. And during the set-ending anti-anthem Cleveland Sucks, even Morton, high priest of fuck you, couldn’t suppress a smile.” Visit the band on Twitter/Styrenes and Facebook.

Photo Credit: Jim O’Bryan

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